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2011 March 28 | EduClaytion
Archive - March 28, 2011

My Pittsburgh Post-Gazette Features

Two of the best pieces I’ve had published appeared as full page features in Sunday editions of the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette.

The first article highlights how Harry Houdini became the 1st international superstar and specifically details some of his appearances in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Amazing to imagine him leaping into one of the Three Rivers or hanging from skyscrapers in a straight jacket.

The more recent feature is all about using pop culture in education to better connect with students of all levels and disciplines.

Click on the links to check them out. I hope you enjoy reading them.

MMM: Sweet 16 Results

Here are your results for the previous round and which movies are advancing to the Elite 8.

So thanks to all who participated in the second round and congratulations if you’re advancing to Round 3 for a chance to reach the Final Four.

If you are in this final group please send me what you would like to use by tomorrow night. The next round will be up for voting on Wednesday (March 30). I’ll also have the updated bracket in effect on that day so you can print them and share with friends and coworkers who are no doubt shaking in anticipation next to a water cooler.

We’re down to it, so now’s the time to really push the film and person you want to rock this thang. I’ll find a way to make it worth the while of the winner in my Tourney Recap which is sure to be epic like those Sports Illustrated commercials that come on 17 seconds after every major championship is decided.

For those of you who may be new to the site, you’ve found us smack dab in the middle of our March Movie Madness, but I’m going to sneak a regular post in here this week as well.

I’ll look for those new write ups in the email!

What do you think of these results? Shocked? Pleased? Do tell.