As a self-taught potter, I know how challenging it can be to find the right resources to further your skills and knowledge. That’s why I’ve compiled a list of 30 resources that any aspiring potter can use to improve their craft.

YouTube Channels – There are numerous pottery channels on youtube with tutorials and tips to improve your skill.

Skillshare – with plenty of courses, Skillshare is a great option for self-taught potters looking to expand their knowledge.

Udemy.com- Udemy is an online learning platform with a plethora of pottery courses at affordable rates.

Instagram- Many pottery professionals post useful tips and news on their instagram pages.

Art schools- Some art schools often offer pottery classes to individuals to improve their skills.

Craft Fairs- Attending Craft fairs can provide a potter with new ideas.

Pottery workshops- Pottery workshops are ideal for those looking to learn new techniques, and make new connections

Pottery communities online- There are several pottery communities online, and these are a vital resource for information and tips.

Facebook groups- Facebook groups, such as potters council, or beginners pottery group, are resourceful platforms for information for novice potters.

Ceramic Museums- Visiting Ceramic museums can stimulate inspiration and new ideas.

Pottery books – From “The Potter’s Bible” to “Complete Pottery Techniques”, there are many pottery books out there offering detailed descriptions of the craft.

Surfaces and Glazes books- Know-how of glaze chemistry is essential for pottery, and a book like Mastering Cone 6 Glazes serves the purpose.

1Online forums- Online forums like Pottery making info and Ceramic Arts Network offer wide range of pottery related queries answer.

1Pottery podcasts- Pottery podcasts, for example, “MudTalk” and “Potter’s cast,” can be valuable resources for learning more about the pottery community and its professionals.

1Pinterest – Uses of Pinterest are resourceful as it offers pottery design ideas.

1Ceramic magazines Ceramic magazines such as Ceramic Review and Studio Potter magazine are filled with useful tips.

1Pottery Conferences- Pottery conferences are a great way of expanding your knowledge about the field while networking with other potters.

1Online Pottery courses- Many universities offer online pottery courses that can be taken from anywhere.

1Craft Supply Stores- Craft supply stores offer sales representatives with insights of the better equipment and tools for pottery.

20. Pottery Blogs- Pottery blogs like Ceramic Arts Daily and Pottery Blog provide general tips, news, and technique throw-ins.

2Local pottery groups- Attending local pottery group meetings and events can be valuable for novices, and professionals alike.

2Community college- Community college pottery classes can offer affordable/ low-cost in-person educational training.

2Ceramics conventions such as NCECA Conference which is host to many accomplished potters.

2Online Pottery gallery Pottery galleries can provide a lot of inspiration and showcase the techniques of professional potters.

2Etsy- Etsy offers many pottery tools, equipment and in some cases, classes with selling options of finished pottery products.

2Clay manufacturers- Clay manufacturers are a vital resource of information about clay-types, additives and availability in local shops.

2Local art galleries – approaching local art galleries lets potters join exhibitions or workshops.

2Documentaries- Documentaries like “The Potters of Buur Heybeerd” and “Craft in America” can show the daily life inspiration of potters.

2Clay festivals- Clay festivals are pottery lovers’ paradise with several workshops, displays and exhibitions held yearly.

30. The pottery wheel- The single biggest investment a self taught potter can make is on their pottery wheel. A reliable pottery wheel is essential to making pottery.

As a concluding remark, these 30 resources are just what you need to take pottery a notch higher as a self-taught potter. Always remember to practice, and have fun while creating wonders with pottery.

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