Entertaining Kids with Pottery: Fun Things to Do with Clay

Are you looking for a fun, creative way to entertain your kids? Look no further than pottery!

As a professional potter, I’ve seen firsthand how much joy clay can bring to both kids and adults alike. Not only is it a fun activity, but it also teaches valuable skills such as hand-eye coordination and patience.

So, without further ado, let’s dive into some fun things to do with clay!

Pinch Pots: This classic pottery project is perfect for kids of all ages. Simply have them pinch a ball of clay into a small pot shape, then use their fingertips to create unique designs.

Slab-Built Houses: Using rolled-out clay slabs, kids can design and create their own miniature homes. Add in details like windows, doors, and even chimneys for extra fun.

Coil-Built Animals: Encourage your kids to get creative by using coil-building techniques to sculpt their favorite animals out of clay.

Mask Making: For older kids or those looking for a challenge, try making masks out of clay. Use reference photos or let your imaginations run wild to create unique, one-of-a-kind designs.

Pottery Painting: Of course, there’s always the option to simply paint premade pottery pieces. Have your kids choose their own piece to paint, whether it be a mug, plate, or figurine.

Clay Charms: Have your kids make tiny clay charms that can be added to bracelets or necklaces. This is a great way to practice fine motor skills.

Handprint Bowls: Create a lasting memory by having kids press their handprints into clay to make small dishes. These can be decorated with paint or left as is for a simple, classic look.

Clay Comics: For older kids, try making clay comic strips. The possibilities are endless – create original characters and storylines, or even recreate your favorite comic book scenes.

Garden Markers: Use clay to create garden markers for your herbs and vegetables. Have your kids shape and decorate the markers, and then use a sharpie to write the names of the plants on them.

Clay Wind Chimes: Create beautiful wind chimes out of clay by shaping and firing clay circles, then stringing them together with beads and twine.

Clay Masks: Use clay to make animal masks that are perfect for Halloween or birthday parties. Kids can paint and decorate the masks to match their chosen animal.

Clay Sculptures: Whether it be a human figure or an abstract design, encourage your kids to let their imaginations run wild and create their own unique clay sculptures.

Overall, working with clay is a fun and educational way to entertain kids of all ages. Not only do they get to tap into their creative side, but they also learn valuable skills like patience and attention to detail.

So, gather up some clay and let the fun begin!

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