Clay has been used for centuries as a medium for artistic expression. From pottery to sculptures, the possibilities are endless. Over the years, people have come up with strange and unusual ways to use this versatile material. As a professional potter, I have come across some of the strangest things people have ever made with clay. In this article, I will highlight some of the most bizarre and unusual clay creations and the stories behind them.

Clay Condoms
Yes, you read that right. In the 17th century, clay condoms were used as a form of contraception. Made from clay and oiled to make them more pliable, these relics are still found in archeological excavations. It’s fascinating to see how far human beings have come in terms of technologies in birth control.

Clay Headphones
Beethoven may have been tone deaf, but that hasn’t stopped people from creating headphones in his likeness. Clay headphones are the perfect way to merge two seemingly disparate things and create something unique.

Clay Soap Holders
Soap holders can be made from any number of materials, but clay is one of the more interesting choices. With its earthy tones and natural textures, it’s a perfect choice for those who love the rustic look.

Clay Dentures
Old dentures are enough to give anyone nightmares. Apparently, in the 18th century, clay dentures existed. People actually wore them! It’s a good thing we’ve come up with better alternatives.

Clay Eyeglasses
Ever wonder how people in ancient times saw without prescription glasses? Some people used clay eyeglasses as magnifying lenses. These glasses were made by taking a piece of clay and shaping it to fit the person’s head before baking it in a kiln.

Clay Car
Yes, someone actually made a clay car. In 2007, an artist named Sarah van Gameren created a life-size clay car as part of an art exhibit. She used over 1250 clay plates and stacked them together to create the car’s frame. This is definitely one of the most unique uses of clay we’ve ever seen.

Clay Spacesuit
In 2006, an artist named Victor Petukhov created a spacesuit entirely out of clay. The suit was designed to look like a typical Russian spacesuit from the 1960s. It may not have been functional, but it certainly was a work of art.

Clay Phone Cases
Who needs an Otterbox when you can have a clay phone case? In recent years, people have started making phone cases out of clay. The result is a unique and personalized way to protect your phone.

Clay Light Switch Covers
Light switch covers are usually made of plastic or metal, but clay versions are becoming more popular. They provide a natural and earthy touch to any room.

Clay Cigarette Holders
Before cigarettes became taboo, clay cigarette holders were a popular accessory. They were often elaborate and decorated with intricate designs.

Clay Chess Set
Chess sets are often made of marble or wood, but clay is another option. Clay chess sets are often handcrafted and can be customized with unique details.

Clay Pizza Ovens
Clay pizza ovens are a great way to bring a touch of Italy to your backyard. With a bit of clay, sand, and straw, you can create a functional oven that will cook delicious pizzas.

In conclusion, the strange and unusual things people have made with clay are a testament to human creativity and ingenuity. From ancient times to present-day, clay continues to be a versatile and fascinating medium for artistic expression. Who knows what kind of strange creations we’ll come up with next? One thing is for sure, clay will always be a part of our artistic world.

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