Throwing Basic Pot | Pottery Wheel Step By Step Tutorial

Welcome, friends! In this article, were going to get our hands dirty and learn how to throw a basic pot on a pottery wheel. Dont worry if youve never done it before, well guide you step by step through the process.

Before we begin, lets quickly go over some basic equipment that youll need. Firstly, youll need a pottery wheel. If youre new to this, you can either invest in one or join your local pottery studio. Youll also need clay, water, a sponge, a set of pottery tools, and a canvas for drying the pot.

Step One: Choose Your Clay
Choosing clay can be overwhelming, but dont worry, weve got you covered. Start by selecting a mid-range clay, its perfect for beginners because its not too hard or too soft. Also, make sure the clay is properly moist, if its too dry, itll crack while throwing, and if its too wet, the pot wont hold its form.

Step Two: Wedging
Wedging is an essential part of pottery making, it prepares the clay by removing any air bubbles and aligning the clay particles. Start by cutting your clay into smaller pieces and then slap the pieces onto a hard surface to remove trapped air. Keep wedging the clay until its smooth and easy to work with.

Step Three: Centering the Clay
Now the fun part starts, centering your clay onto the pottery wheel. It might take some practice to get it right, but dont worry, with time youll get the hang of it. Start by placing the clay onto the center of the wheel and press it down firmly. Slowly start the wheel, and use both of your hands to grip the clay, apply even pressure to bring the clay into the center.

Step Four: Opening the Clay
Once your clay is centered, its time to open it. Start by pressing your thumb into the center of the clay while keeping your fingers outside of the clays edge. Keep your thumb in place and use your other hand to guide the clay outwards, creating a bowl-like shape.

Step Five: Pulling the Walls
With your pot opened, its time to start pulling the walls. Start by placing your fingers inside of the pot and then gently pull the walls up. Repeat this process until you reach the desired height of your pot.

Step Six: Shaping the Rim
The rim of your pot is important, it gives your pot a polished look. Use your fingers to push and shape the rim to your desired shape.

Step Seven: Smoothing the Pot
Using a sponge, gently smooth out any bumps or ridges on your pot. Ensure the sponge is not too wet, as it can ruin the clay.

Step Eight: Removing the Pot
Using a wire tool, cut the bottom of the pot from the wheel. Then use a wooden tool to gently lift the pot from the wheel.

Step Nine: Trimming the Pot
After removing the pot from the wheel, its time to trim the bottom. Hold your pot upside-down and using a trimming tool, remove excess clay on the bottom, ensuring that its flat.

Step Ten: Drying the Pot
Air-dry your pot after trimming, leaving it on a canvas to ensure it doesnt crack or bend. Drying can take up anywhere between two days to a week.

Step Eleven: Glazing
After the pot has dried, its time to add glaze. Glaze comes in different colors and textures, so choose one that suits your pot. Add a coat of glaze to your pot and then wait for it to dry.

Step Twelve: Firing the Pot
Finally, its time to fire your pot in a kiln. Firing hardens the clay and sets the glaze, and takes anywhere between twelve to sixteen hours to complete. Once the firing is done, let the pot cool down before removing.

Thats it, folks! Youve successfully thrown your first pot. Remember, pottery is an art form that takes time and patience to master. Keep practicing and experimenting with different styles, and before you know it, youll be creating your own unique masterpieces.

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