As a professional potter, I have seen my fair share of pottery mishaps. Let’s face it, when pottery goes wrong, it can be downright hilarious. From awkwardly shaped vases to lopsided bowls, here are some of the most hilarious pottery fails that will make you laugh out loud.

The “Blob” Pot

One of the most common fails in pottery is creating a “blob” pot. This is when the potter tries to create a symmetrical pot, but instead ends up with a shapeless blob. It’s a classic rookie mistake, but even experienced potters can make this error. Thankfully, it makes for a great conversation starter on a table!

The “Twisted” Vase

Another funny pottery fail is the “twisted” vase. This happens when the potter tries to create a vase with a twisted design, but ends up with a crooked vase that looks like it’s been hit by a tornado. It’s not perfect, but it’s certainly unique!

The “Oops” Mug

We’ve all seen the “Oops” mug at a pottery fair. It’s the one that’s slightly crooked, has a weird handle, or a botched glaze job. But these little mishaps are what make handmade pottery so special. It’s a reminder that each piece is one-of-a-kind and has its own special character.

The “Squished” Plate

Creating a perfect plate takes a lot of practice and skill. But sometimes, instead of creating a flat, circular plate, potters end up with a squished, oval-shaped plate. But hey, if it can still hold food, who cares if it’s not round?

The “Cracked” Bowl

Cracking is a common problem in pottery. It happens when the clay dries out too quickly, or when it’s fired at too high a temperature. The end result is a beautiful bowl that’s unfortunately not functional. But, the crack lines can add a unique touch, making it a great decorative piece!

The “Holey” Planter

Creating a planter with drainage holes is important, but sometimes potters get a little carried away. Instead of a few small holes, they end up with a planter that looks more like a sieve. But hey, at least the plant won’t drown!

The “Lopsided” Teapot

Teapots require a lot of intricate parts, and if one piece is slightly off, the whole thing can be lopsided. But that’s what makes handmade pottery so special. It’s not perfect, but it’s unique and full of character.

The “Wavy” Pot

Creating a perfectly straight pot can be difficult, and sometimes potters end up with a pot that looks like it’s been caught in a strong wave. But that’s what makes pottery so special. Each piece has its own story to tell, even if it’s a little wavy.

The “Tilted” Bowl

Bowls are supposed to be flat, but sometimes they end up tilted to one side. But don’t worry, it’s still functional! And it adds a unique touch to your dinnerware.

The “Too Big” Mug

Mugs can come in all shapes and sizes, but sometimes they end up a little too big. But that just means more coffee, right?

The “Mismatched” Set

Creating a set of matching dishes is a great goal, but sometimes potters end up with a mismatched set. But that just means each piece is unique and has its own special place in your collection.

The “Oops, I dropped it” Piece

And let’s not forget the classic pottery fail – dropping a piece and watching it shatter into a million pieces. We’ve all been there, and it’s a painful reminder that pottery can be fragile. But don’t worry, just grab some glue and put it back together. It may not be perfect, but it’s still a beautiful piece of pottery.

In the end, pottery fails are all part of the process. They may be frustrating in the moment, but they can also be hilarious and add character to each piece. So embrace the imperfections and enjoy the unique beauty of handmade pottery.

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